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Social Media Growth

When you publish a game, you want to build up an email List and a strong social media prescence to keep your fans caught up on your latest updates and new games.

Game Marketing

No matter how great your game is, people will not buy it if they've never heard of it. We help connect you to our community of 500,000 gamers, Youtubers, Curators, and beta testers

Design and Branding

Top-notch graphics and an effective trailer can make all the difference between a game selling 1 thousand or 1 million copies. We can help you with your branding and video trailers

Our Clients love us

Danny Jugan - CEO Axis Games

UltraShock Gaming is great to work with. They’re clear, helpful, and come through on everything they promise. The effect on our social media sites was incredible and went beyond our expectations.

GameArtStudio - Quantum Rush Developer

Ultrashock Gaming did a big giveaway for Quantum Rush Champions, gaining us thousands of twitter followers and countless Facebook likes! The influx in players also brought attention and positive feedback to our Steam community. They definitely know how to connect players to your product!

RobTheAws - Gaming Youtuber

“Ultrashock Gaming has been a long time partner and overall great group to me throughout my youtube career. Their giveaways are top quality, easy to enter, and overall amazing with great staff that care about it’s community. They give amazing results and they truely deliver, their giveaways have been a big source of the subscriptions I have today.”

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